Coloured laminate

Only the best quality laminated hardwood is sourced to machine our rifle stocks. This timber is made up of 1.5 mm veneers that are individually pressure treated with coloured dye and then pressed with hot resin to create a very hard wearing yet beautiful material.
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Form rifle stocks use the finest quality hardwood laminate from Coloured Wood Products of Finland to produce our stocks. CWP use time proven and environmentally friendly techniques to produce a material of outstanding natural beauty and uncompromising practicality.

1.5mm birch veneers are individually pressure treated with natural wood dyes; they are then layered and pressed together with hot resin to create a highly stable material. Please note that due to the process involved in creating dyed laminate wood products, the dyes may not fully penetrate or evenly colour the whole piece, this may result in colour variations or undyed areas within the stocks that we produce.

Laminate is made with real wood and may contain certain knots and imperfections that remain visible after machining and finishing. Small single live knots max. 10 mm are allowed in the middle of the blank. Veins and hairs within the grain, liveliness in colour (pale stripes), flamed and curly veneers are also permitted.

Due to its stability laminate is favored by competitive shooters of across a wide range of shooting disciplines. This outstanding material provides the aesthetic of natural wood combined with a level of stability that can only be achieved with man-made materials.

 If you are looking to buy a laminate blank to make your own rifle stock please contact us.

Offcut blocks are available, these come in varying shapes and sizes but when cut down are guaranteed to provide a block 40mm wide x 100mm long x 60mm deep. £9.99 + £3.40 postage.

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